Ground Water vs. Surface Water

The difference between ground water and surface water Water- the nectar on this planet Earth has many forms…

The difference between ground water and surface water

Water- the nectar on this planet Earth has many forms out of which we have heard of most basic two- ground water and surface water. To most of us who doesn’t know the difference between the two, both would look and taste the same.

Water found on the surface such as stream, river or ocean is called surface water. Even the water found in a pit formed on the surface of the earth would be called surface water. Some amount or part of surface water is evaporated by Sun rays and some of it seeped through to pores of soil. Thereafter reaching sub-surface, it is absorbed by the ground. The evaporated part of water brings rain to the Earth and the cycle continues. The land surface water, it is the fresh and pure source of water.

With water becoming as precious as any other nature’s gift to human race, scientists are emphasizing on personal conservation of water. The clean surface water is apt for conservation as it’s away from any kind of water treatment. For drinking purposes though, the proper water treatment is recommended. Medium clean water is used for agriculture purposes and rigorous water treatment is done to water to be used in industrial applications.

Ground water, as explained is the seeped- in water.  Connate and magmatic water are two different sources of ground water. Precipitation or rain water is the major source of ground water. The water in ground layer of the earth formed by rains is called meteoric water.  Ground water is not as pure and fresh as surface water. So, before using for domestic chores and drinking, ground and surface water should be entitled for suitable treatment. As far as the conservation of water is concerned, these also need different management perspective to protect the natural storage of water on and in Earth.


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