Growth vs. Stracchino

Difference Between Growth And Stracchino Growth The growth is an Italian soft cheese made by cow’s milk which…

Difference Between Growth And Stracchino


The growth is an Italian soft cheese made by cow’s milk which may be pasteurized, whole or partially skimmed milk. It is a cheese without rind and its paste is creamy. It is white in color and its flavor is sweet and delicate with aroma of milk. The growth provides high quality of protein, calcium and vitamins A, B1, B2. It also contains good amounts of minerals such as sodium, potassium and phosphorus. To produce the growth, whole or partially skimmed pasteurized milk is treated at the temperature of 37 ° C with lactic acid bacteria, and then added with rennet. After ten minutes the curd coagulates. It is allowed to settle for thirty minutes. Then it is crushed and placed in small square molds, where it is steamed at 24 ° C moist for 3-5 hours. Finally, brine is immersed for two hours and can be stored in cold storage for 5-10 days.


The term stracchino refers to all those soft cheese which are made with the cow’s milk. Stracchino is a fat, soft and raw cheese. It is delicate and tasty and is produced only with whole milk of a cow of the original Lombardy. The time of maturation of the classic stracchino is about 20 days. It is a blue-veined soft cheese of round shape with two different curds (one hot and one cold). It is aged for 3 months. The milk is brought at the temperature of 30 ° C.  Gradually the rennet is added. It thickens in about an hour. It is put in the molds and after a few days the molds are emptied and the contents is deposited on mats to dry for about 6 days. After 15-20 days of curing, the cheese is ready.


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