GSM vs. 3G Network Technology

Difference Between GSM and 3G Network Technology GSM (Mobile Global System for Communication) and 3G (3rd generation of…

Difference Between GSM and 3G Network Technology

GSM (Mobile Global System for Communication) and 3G (3rd generation of mobile technology) technologies of mobile communication are at the same time evolved in the course of time. GSM was introduced as a standard in 1989 while the 3G was offered by the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) in 2000. GSM and 3G use different technologies of numerous accesses for the mobile stations to achieve the network, which also introduced architectural changes into network so.


In general, GSM considered being a technology (2G) of 2nd mobile generation is based on numerical cell technology. GSM is technology 2G more popular compared with other technologies 2G introduced in the same decade, as Simple percentage 95 in North America and PDC (Personal Digital Communication) in Japan. After the foundation of ETSI (European Telecommunication Standard Institute) in 1989, GSM became popular technical norm in the most part of the countries. GSM interface air uses time slots separated in the channels of distinct frequency for every user, so that; there will be less interference between two distinct users who achieve network. GSM reuses channels the same frequency to non-concentric cells so that the interference of cell inters is attenuated between the neighboring cells. Circuit Switched Data rate of taking care in GSM is 14. 4 kbps.


3G is based on IMT-2000 (International Motive Telecommunications) specifications published by the international Union of telecommunications. Different technologies 3G evolved from different continents and European norm was called as W-CDMA (Wideband – Encode Division Multiple Access), North America they are called as cdma2000 while TD-SCDMA (Time Division – synchronous CDMA) standard was used by China. Nowadays, 3GPP published by versions different from standardizations 3G with the numbers of version R7, R6, R4, R5 and R99. 3GPP version 8 and 9 are considered to be technologies of 4th generation which leads towards technology LTE (Long Term Evolution). Technologies 3G WCDMA and such as the division of frequency cdma2000 use recto reverse side everything in TD-SCDMA uses duplex age by sharing out per hour. The systems of telecommunications of top should deliver debit sides of data going until 200kbps to conform to norm IMT-2000 while according to R99 norm 3GPP debit sides of top should be 384kbps.

GSM 3G vs

When we compare GSM technologies and 3G, 3G allow much better brought up debit sides (bandage passer-by) for the end user than GSM. Besides, technologies 3G use technology with commutation of packets of data and everything in GSM makes use of the Circuit Switched Data.

Method of numerous accesses used in GSM is TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) and FDMA (Frequency Division Numerous Access), while, in the 3G, it is WCDMA. Therefore in 3G every user can broadcast his sign in the band as whole so that, other users see a white pseudo noise (WCDMA) there, while, in GSM, every user to choose the channel of frequency distinct and separated time slot in this channel to communicate. GSM is considered to be a technology of 2nd generation and 3G the 3rd generation technologies standardized by the 3GPP.

When they compare architecture, the 3G introduced new knots conscript Node-B and RNC (radio Network Controller) to replace existent LOW VOLTAGES (Base Transceiver Station) and BSC (Base Station Controller), respectively. These architectural changes force the most part of the mobile operators to invest again (fewer possibilities of putting in level) in technology 3G on the top of network existent GSM, owing to the incompatibility of technologies. Besides, the mobile apparatuses are evolved to support both technologies simply because of the reason above.

One of the most important objectives of the evolution of GSM is of the 3G; it is powerful and efficient medium to access Internet on mobile. 3G offer of the more well brought up debit sides compared with GSM by the efficient use of the existent ghost which is considered to be a means scares the most part of the countries. Even if, 3G compels to increase in the investments of the mobile operators, it gave a rate considerably more well brought up of data which cannot be delivered with GSM.



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