Guilt Vs. Shame

Difference Between Guilt And Shame Difference between guilt and shame has to be understood to experience a real…

Difference Between Guilt And Shame

Difference between guilt and shame has to be understood to experience a real feeling of it. Even the slightest confusion will tend to diminish the bad effect of shameful acts and heighten the feeling of guilt.

It is only a way of viewing things from one’s perspective.

Guilt is something which has some positive side effects. Feeling guilty is the realization of the wrong that one had done.

Feeling shame is when we realize that our actions are harmful, creating a bad sense. Feeing sorry is the realization of the acts of guilt that one has done. Same action may cause us to feel shame or to experience the feeling of guilt. It all depends on how the evildoer responds to the different situations and even to his actions.

Guilt is often followed by a feeling of regret. One who realizes his mistakes feels guilty and thus tries to make correction. The Catholic Church permits the process of confession. The wrong doer will accordingly pronounce the wrong actions done by him whereby he can perform a penance. Feeling guilty lessens the risk of repeating the same mistakes in the near future.

Shameful acts often leads to a loss of self respect and humiliated feelings. The pent up feelings of shame often cause anger giving hardly a chance to repent. It may lead to may anti social activities.

Making penance for guilt in the Catholic Church is one way of making the society a better one. For example much of the woman’s rights movement was made to make the guilty realize their guilt.

Shame is tool to make people think well about themselves and not to take other’s help. It may be the perpetrators of genocide, even leading to many anti social acts


1. Guilt is related to one’s action while shame is related to one person’s feeling.

2. Guilt leads a man to rectify while shame leaves one man humiliated.

3. Guilt is instrumental in causing social change while shame creates greater social disobediences.


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