Guts vs. Balls

Difference Between Guts and Balls There are quite a few words which are very confusing as they have…

Difference Between Guts and Balls

There are quite a few words which are very confusing as they have different definitions depending on how they are used. As for example the two words guts and balls can mean body parts, slangs and expressions.

As far as the anatomical differences are concerned guts indicates the digestive tract of the human body and the balls are the male testicles. The term gut is also used to mean the intestines. The intestine is that system of the body that processes the food that we eat till the time the food is excreted. E.g. a butcher will think of beef intestine when you speak about gut in a slaughterhouse. However when we speak about balls, we mean the male sexual organs, the testicles. The testicles or testis are a part of the male sex organs and indicate male fertility. These terms are used as the short form and people use them widely to indicate these internal organs.

Both guts and balls are used as slangs in Western dialect. They are used so often that these slangs are a pert of their everyday language. However in spite of their use most of these people do not know the difference between them. Though it is that there are very less difference between them their difference can be highlighted in the following examples.

Let us say that you spend the night out with your friends, come back home totally drunk and when hit by your mother with the broom stick, you ask her why was she sweeping the floor this late. You are making fun of your mom in spite of the fact that you are the one who have committed the mistake. You must have ‘guts’ to say so.

Now, you return home late at night drunk with your friends and ask your mom if you can carry out your drinking spree inside. Then you must have ‘balls’ to say such things to your mom.

However they are different in the following aspects.

  1. From an anatomical point of view, guts stand for the digestive tract whereas balls mean male testicles.
  2. From a slang point of view, balls mean courage and guts mean ‘nerve to insult even after doing something wrong’



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