Habit vs. Behavior

Difference Between Habits and Behavior   There is an old adage which goes like this, ‘OLD HABITS DIE…

Difference Between Habits and Behavior


There is an old adage which goes like this, ‘OLD HABITS DIE HARD’ and very aptly said. Habits which are cultivated since childhood of a person are extremely difficult to leave or kick them. While depicting the character of a person, the person’s behavior and habits are described. However, there is a large variation between these two terms of ‘Habit and Behavior.”

The behavior of an individual person alludes to the events of a living creature or a structure which could be referred to as a response of a particular environment. Essentially it is a response of a person or an individual to the different exterior influences. On the other hand, a habit is a practice of behavior. The occurrence of a habit takes place when the observance repeats itself frequently. One of the most significant aspects of a habit is that it happens in the subconscious state of mind and involuntarily. It means that while a person is not at all conscious of the customary nature of his behavior. This is precisely the chief difference that lies between the habit and behavior.


While behavior is considered to be controlled by the nervous system or the endocrine system, it is rather interesting to observe that habits are at times necessary and obligatory. Therefore, it is firmly believed that in case of any convolution in the nervous system would definitely result in the complexity in the individual’s behavior also.

The formation of the habit is a procedure through which a behavior takes on the garb of a habit. Whereas a habit cannot become necessarily a behavior due to the fact that one is oblivious of his or her habit. On the other hand, behavior can be inherent and can be studied from external sources.

According to the researches that have been conducted by Researchers, automatic behavior is relatively unintentional in nature. Yet automatic behavior is somewhat identical to a habit in the sense that they are both unintentional.

One of the chief variations between habit and behavior lies in the fact that behavior is frequently repeated by an individual especially a person who is conscious of it while a habit is recurs by a person who is not the least conscious of his actions. Behavior is considered as any act of any person or a system that transforms his or its relationship to his or the environment around him. A Habit is the input from the environment to the individual whereas behavior is the output from the individual towards the environment.

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