Hacker Vs. Cracker

Difference Between Hacker and Cracker People usually do not really know what the word Hacker mean when they…

Difference Between Hacker and Cracker
People usually do not really know what the word Hacker mean when they say: “A hacker got into my net and threw the system” or “A hacker got into my mail and changed my password” … there are many similar cases, but unfortunately society does not really know who the hacker is, because those who commit crimes are called Crackers and Hackers.


In computing, a hacker is a person who belongs to one of these communities or subcultures that are distinct but not completely independent:
This mainly concerns tickets with unauthorized remote access via communication networks such as internet.
A cracker is a person who performs reverse engineering, serials, keygens and cracks, which serve to modify the behavior or extend the functionality of the original hardware or software to which they apply, without at all seeking to be harmful to the user thereof.

Any person who violates the security of a computer system in a similar way would be a hacker, but unlike the latter, the cracker makes intrusions for purposes of personal gain or to harm.
The term derives from the phrase “criminal hacker” and was created around 1985 as opposed to the term hacker, in defense of the latter for the misuse of the term. It is considered that activity by this kind of cracker is harmful and illegal.

Therefore crackers are criticized by most hackers, the discrediting goes to those who use their expertise to disrupt computing processes.

Sometimes the cracking is the only way to make changes to software for which the manufacturer does not provide support, especially when one wants to, or correct defects or export data.

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