Haddock Vs. Cod

Difference Between Haddock And Cod The haddock and cod are two different types of fish. The first is…

Difference Between Haddock And Cod

The haddock and cod are two different types of fish. The first is said to be slightly stronger than the latter. But to be the same type of large flakes of white fish means that they taste almost the same. No wonder many get confused easily in distinguishing one from the other.

The jaw has a few minor differences between the two. Haddock has the upper jaw more pushing outward in relation to the lower jaw. But the mouth appears smaller than those seen in the cod. Both the fishes have the same number of ray fins which are 14-17, 20-24 and 1-22 ray fins for first to third dorsal fins, respectively.

Haddock is also considered to be slightly narrower than cod. It has a pointed nose and scales which are barely visible through the mucus-lined skin. They are also generally smaller than their counterparts. The largest haddock seen till date is only 44 inches long and weighs about 37 kg.

When it comes to their habitats, Haddock live much deeper in the water in relation to cod. Although the two species are regarded as cold-water fish, it is assumed that cods can be caught easily in shallow water whereas haddock are best found in deeper water (about 25-27 meters deep). Haddock is also prone to be found in less saline and cooler water habitats.

Overall, haddock and cod are close relatives who look and taste almost exactly the same. They have only a few specific and subtle differences.


1. The Haddock has a darker lateral line than cod.

2. The Haddock has a more projected upper jaw and a pointed stout.

4. The cod is a bigger and heavier fish than haddock.

5. Haddocks live deeper and are used to less saline and cooler water than cod.


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