Ham vs. Pork

Difference Between Ham and Pork Pig meat has gained extreme popularity in western countries. The meat of fattened…

Difference Between Ham and Pork

Pig meat has gained extreme popularity in western countries. The meat of fattened pig is known as pork, but there are some who are confused between pork and ham as they can not tell the difference between the two. Although pork and ham come from the same animal’s meat, there are differences between the two that will be discussed in this article.

The relation between chicken and rooster and between meat and goat is similar to that of pork and pig. But the popularity of ham has become a cause of confusion for many as many came to think of ham and pork getting derived from different breeds of the same animal. For such people, the meat of the domestic pig is what is known as pork. Though it is one of the most popular meat and one of the most consumed meat around the world, consuming the pig is considered a taboo in many religions as well. Pork is eaten in many forms like roasted, smoked or cooked. In some recipes, it is both cooked and smoked.

Ham is part of the raw meat obtained from the animal. So technically we can say that ham is the same as the pork. People always prefer to call it differently as it is nothing but the thigh and rump of the animal. Majority of the meat that is cured is called, ham. So it’s safe to say that although both the pork and ham come from the same animal meat, ham is always cured while the pork is still the raw meat. If you ate the tenderloin, which is a part of beef, you can easily tell the difference between pork and ham. Ham is the special name of a cut from pork.

Ham is also called the Bacon or Gammon at a few places, but what makes the pork be called ham is that it is salted or cured. However, a cut that is fattier is called bacon. We call the meat containing less fat, ham, which sounds a bit superior.


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