Happiness vs. Satisfaction

Difference between Happiness and Satisfaction The words, “Happiness and “Satisfaction” are two words in the English language that…

Difference between Happiness and Satisfaction

The words, “Happiness and “Satisfaction” are two words in the English language that appear to have the same relevance and meaning. On the contrary, they are two terms that are poles apart from the each other. Both these words are utilized to depict entirely varied states of the human mind.


There is hardly any doubt in the fact that both these words are in a manner two states of mind. One takes pleasure in a state of satisfaction while happiness is meant to be shared and enjoyed with others. If you are happy with everyone around you, you develop the tendency to relish this experience with others. However, if you are in a state of satisfaction, then you prefer to enjoy this experience within yourself without any hindrance from outside. This is one of the main variations between the states of happiness and satisfaction.


It is still a debatable issue whether ‘happiness’ is identical to contentment and a firm conclusion is yet to be arrived at. The term ‘happiness’ is normally used to depict the state of total ecstasy both either in the mind or in the heart of a person. On the other hand, ‘satisfaction’ is also meant to depict the state of contentment.

There is indeed a very close relationship between happiness and satisfaction since happiness in a way lies in contentment. There is no exaggeration in the fact that satisfaction brings about happiness and there is also no overstatement in the fact that happiness is the result of satisfaction.

Yet there is a vast difference between these two words, when an individual does not feel happy when he comes across something which he requires as a basic requirement. Happiness could be measured to some extent whereas satisfaction can in no way be measured. One can surely assume that happiness relates to the earthly knowledge and experience whereas satisfaction is related to out of the world experience. If happiness too becomes a fantastic experience, then one would unite with the Almighty. This turns out to be the foundation of the tenet of the philosophy of monism. In a large number of incidents, the words “happiness” and “satisfaction” are interchanged.

A person would yearn or have an aspiration for somewhat more which results in a loss of happiness when he fails to achieve what he required more. This would further emanate to be utter lack of satisfaction. Therefore, some of the well known thinkers mention that loss of satisfaction does not bring happiness in the mind of an individual or a person.

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