Harvard vs. Yale

Difference and Similarities between Harvard and Yale Everyone, even those who do not live in the country, know Harvard and…

Difference and Similarities between Harvard and Yale

Everyone, even those who do not live in the country, know Harvard and Yale University. Being members of the prestigious “Big Three” and also the “Ivy League,” these two top-notch American universities boast of  their high standards, established reputations, unique and effective programs and their outstanding academic excellence. It is every parent’s dream that their child be admitted into such universities and definitely a lifetime achievement for any academic to survive and graduate from them.

Both Harvard and Yale offer unique and worthwhile opportunities to those who aspire to be part of these two legends. They remain among the top universities of the United States due to reasons we will try to uncover.


Harvard University, the longest-running tertiary education institution in the US, was founded in Massachusetts, in the year 1636. Originally, it was called “New College”, but was later changed into Harvard in honor of John Harvard; a British minister who was the institution’s first benefactor.

Yale was later established and aimed to train religious congregation members in Connecticut. The university came into existence in 1701 was name “Collegiate School”, but was changed in 1718 into Yale, patterned after Elihu Yale. Elihu was also British and the philanthropist who sent much needed financial assistance to the university on the very year it was named Yale as a sign of gratitude.



Although both universities deny it, it has been a common notion that the two schools have been competing with each other for a very, very long time now.  That is of course with the exception of  Ivy League where they are expected to really compete in all manner of athleticism. Their curriculum which are suited for ambitious and serious college students also tend to be competitive.

Harvard established many colleges in different fields such as medicine, architecture, engineering, religious studies and many more.

Yale as well, established twelve colleges which were named after significant places and people who played a role in Yale’s rich history. Known to many as a main research university, Yale offers programs in history, behavioural science, human development, medicine, and others.

Bottom Line

Both Harvard and Yale have remarkable reputations and are members of the Ivy League and the Big Three. Harvard is the oldest American institution of higher education, whereas Yale comes third. Both universities offer extremely competitive programs in a variety of fields.


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