Hashtable vs. Hashmap

Difference Between Hashtable and Hashmap Hashtable and Hashmap are the data structures that are used for numerous web-based…

Difference Between Hashtable and Hashmap

Hashtable and Hashmap are the data structures that are used for numerous web-based and other applications. Basically these data structures assist the developers to sort the identifiers, also (keys), according to their values. This whole data structuring process is completed with the help of hash functions.


Hashtable has the ability to store the large data containing certain values, also called keys. The hash functions complete entire pairing of keys with arrays.

The main purpose of these hash functions is hashing- a process by which each of the assigned keys is connected to their corresponding values in the array. And this is usually done completely formatting the Hashtable, so that no problems might come out during its working. The smooth working of the Hashtable depends upon how efficiently designed and formatted the hash functions are. During the working of hash functions, hash collision might occur. This happens due to the presence of two difference keys corresponding to the same value present in the array. To counter this problem; the hash functions usually re-structure the complete data to find different corresponding values for the same keys.


In spite of the fact that the Hashtable and the Hashmap are names given to the same data structure because their purpose of structuring is the same, there is a minute difference. When we are talking about the hash functions and the hash collisions, then the Hashmap also observes the similar things as that of the Hashtable. The values and keys present in the data structure are not serialized like that of the Hashtable.


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