Health vs. Physical Fitness

Difference Between Health And Physical Fitness Health Most people have a good idea of what is meant by…

Difference Between Health And Physical Fitness


Most people have a good idea of what is meant by “health.” But it is difficult to define it exactly. The simplest and most traditional definition is that health is the absence of disease. Other definitions emphasize the positive aspects of health, describing it, for example, as the proper working of the body and mind. Still other definitions of health include the idea of well-being.

To a large extent each person must protect his or her own good health. Sometimes poor health cannot be avoided, but there are many ways you can guard your health.

Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness, characterized by good physical and mental health combined with adequate muscular strength and stamina. A physically fit person is able to carry out daily tasks with vigor and with enough reserve energy to enjoy leisure activities and to withstand unforeseen stress. Because each contributes to the other, physical fitness is usually inseparable from mental health.

Although there is no consensus on the components of physical fitness, there is general agreement on three basic requirements: muscular strength, muscular endurance, and circulatory-respiratory endurance. Other components sometimes include agility, speed, and flexibility.

Physical fitness varies considerably at different age levels and to a lesser extent among persons of different physiques, as well as in the same person from time to time. Although organic soundness of the body is necessary for a high degree of fitness, the term implies more than just freedom from disease. A person may enjoy good health and still not be considered physically fit in the sense of being able to undergo strenuous activity without discomfort or excessive fatigue.




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