Health vs. Wealth

Difference Between Health and Wealth   Many consider health and wealth to be very important factors in person’s…

Difference Between Health and Wealth


Many consider health and wealth to be very important factors in person’s life. According to the old saying which almost everyone is quite familiar with: health is wealth. In almost all instances, this remains true. A person’s health can in fact be considered part of his wealth. Many claim that the reverse is also true. That wealth gives us happiness and, as a result, keeps us healthy. Thus, both are somehow inter-related to some extent.

The term health usually applies to many different areas such as physical health, mental health, spiritual health, general health, etc. Wealth, however, is mainly used to signify abundance in money and properties only. Basically, wealth means money. But the term’s figurative sense can be used in various forms of expressions. Such is the case when we mention ‘wealth of information’, of love and knowledge. ‘Wealth’, is in fact, more often used as a figure of speech than ‘health’.

Both terms, however, refer to things that should be guarded closely. It is important for us to carefully watch our health if it is our wish to live a long life. Wealth, too, should be carefully guarded from those who wish to take it away for their own selfish reasons.

Too much spending throws away your wealth, while lack of discipline and carelessness usually leads to a decline in health. Through perseverance and hard work, wealth accumulates. On a similar sense, cleanliness and discipline greatly improves health. Earnings boost wealth and hygiene enhances health.

Perhaps, the biggest difference between wealth and health is the fact that wealth can easily be robbed or stolen from you. The very reason why we need safes and banks to protect our hard earned wealth from robbery. You need not protect your health from robbers, although there are instances when one seems to get robbed off of his/her health like in catching contagious diseases like AIDS. Health is inside you, and it is your principles and discipline that protects it from harm.

In the end, no matter the amount of wealth you have, it does not necessarily provide you with happiness and security. Health, however, can.


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