Heat vs. Temperature

Difference Between Heat and Temperature In Physics and Chemistry heat and temperature are the terms used very often.…

Difference Between Heat and Temperature

In Physics and Chemistry heat and temperature are the terms used very often. These are the same physical states of an object. But they are different from each other. People generally use the term wrongly as they interchange them. When the temperature of an object is incresed the heat of the object is increased. Let us try to find the difference between the two.


Heat is potential as well as kinetic energyc contained in an object. Kinetic energy is moving energy while potential energyis the contained energy which is stored and remain static in an object. Joules is its unit of measurement.


Temperature is a number related to energy. It is a measure of the kinetic energy and not the energy itself. Kelvin and Celsius and Fahrenheit are the units to measure temperature.

The molecules of heat move faster once the heat enters a body. The heat and temperature of an object goes up. It is due to the fact that the molecules hit each other. Temperature is the measure of these collisions.Heat can cause change of phase such as melting of ice into water occurs without the change in temperature.

Heat is an energy entered in an object. It is the measure of the complete energy of an object. Temperature on the other hand, is the major of only the molecules’ kinetic energy of an object. Heat is an extensive property. Temperature on the other hand, is an intensive energy. For example water boils at 100 degree centigrade. The quantity of water does not make any difference. The fact is true whether there is one liter water of 100 liter water. But the heat is different in both cases. The amount of heat released in boiling 1 liter water is less while the amount of heat released in boiling 100 liter water is more.

When a sparkler is bunt, sparks come out of it. Sparks are the particles of metal which are ejected and their temperatrue may go up to 3000 degree celcius. They do not burn us on such a high temperature. It is because their mass is very little and they do not have much heat. It is interesting to note that their temperature is very high while their heat is very less.

heat is measured by the following formula:


In which, Q= heat, C= specific heat, M= Mass of an object and T= temperature of the object.


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