Herbal Remedies Vs. Natural Medicines

Difference Between Herbal Remedies and Natural Medicines Here we have explained the difference between terms herbal remedies and…

Difference Between Herbal Remedies and Natural Medicines

Here we have explained the difference between terms herbal remedies and natural medicines. You will also find a little bit about the side effects of using natural medicine.

Herbal remedies and natural medicines are made of drugs derived from plant and animal kingdom. Back in history as we have written sources also. We know that herbal remedies have been used to alleviate or cure disease. In older times it was as obvious among people having knowledge of effective medicinal plants which were to have knowledge of edible plants.

According to World Health Organization, WHO, 80 percent of the world’s population still has need for medication through plants. Densely populated nations like India and China and much of the rest Asia, Africa and South America have a large consumption of natural resources. Here, the use of herbs is deeply rooted in peoples’ culture, and often administered by shamans or medicine men.

What is the difference between a herbal remedy and a treatment through natural medicine?

A wide range of products called herbal remedies. These often contain plants in more or less processed form. For a preparation to be called herbal medicine there must be a public approval.

To obtain approval for a natural product as a herbal medicine, the requirements a medicine must have:

•             Includes prescription drugs and drugs intended for self-treatment

•             Contains the active ingredient (s) that normally comes from the plant kingdom or     animal kingdom, in its original form or in processed form

•             Preparation should either be taken by mouth, applied to the skin or used locally in mucosa

•             The Documentation shall be available for traditional use in Europe or North America

•             Be delivered in the package designed for the individual consumer.

Approved natural medicines work usually slower than traditional medicines, or they have a more general effect. In return, the risk of side effects is less in the use of herbal medicines than by synthetic manufactured drugs.


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