Herbivores Vs. Carnivores

Difference Between Herbivores And Carnivores Just like plants, animals need a constant supply of energy for physical activity…

Difference Between Herbivores And Carnivores

Just like plants, animals need a constant supply of energy for physical activity to operate and survive. Since animals cannot produce food all on their own like plants, they instead rely on energy supply provided by the consumption of certain types of food. In animals, there are two main groups of animals at our boats and predators. We have all learned that one of the differences between the rooms our boats and predators is a kind of food they eat. Herbivorous animals are those that eat only plants. This includes leaves, seeds and seed. On the other hand, predators consume meat in order to survive.

Determining the eating habits in terms of herbivore or carnivore is not merely limited to just check what the kind of food consumed by them. In fact, paleontologists can determine this through the means of an animal’s skeleton as to whether they are herbivore or carnivore. The most obvious sign is teeth. Herbivores are animals that have broad, flat teeth that are shaped in the form of a rod and short, flat teeth in front. This gives them the opportunity to really grind fiber found in plants and seeds, and crushed corn consumed in life. On the contrary, predators short, sharp canine teeth and long, sharp, curved teeth in front. This allows them to tear through the skin, muscles and ligaments, and help them to chew the flesh from prey.

Another difference is that the peaks in these skeletons. Herbivores have flat nails or blunt hooves. Carnivore has strong claws. The difference between the nails left to do with the food they eat. Carnivore has to pursue and kill prey for them to eat meat, and claws that help them to inflict as much damage as possible, helpless prey.

Accordingly, it is also a big difference in the size of the opening of the mouth in relation to the size of the skull, between rooms Our boats and predators. Because the room Our boats only eat plants, seeds and grains, mouth open, relatively small in relation to head size. On the other hand, large predators mouth opening in relation to head size. This is because the predators are not just using his mouth to eat. Most predators use their razor sharp teeth when they attack their prey, to get them down.


1 Herbivores refers to animals that eat only plant products. Predators are animals that eat meat and meat from other animals for food.

Others have a large carnivore incisors and canines, their teeth to help them pull their prey meat. Herbivores have flat, spade-shaped canine teeth, and dull, short front teeth to help grind the leaves, seeds and grains.

3 Herbivores with only your mouth to eat, so they only have a small mouth opening. Carnivore teeth used as weapons, makes it necessary to open the mouth is relatively higher in relation to head size.


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