Here vs. Hear In English Grammar

Difference Between Here and Hear In English Grammar ‘Here’ and ‘Hear’ appear similar in pronunciation but have different…

Difference Between Here and Hear In English Grammar

‘Here’ and ‘Hear’ appear similar in pronunciation but have different usage. Words like these are called as homonyms. ‘Here’ is indeclinable indicating the place of a particular thing or a person.  Look at the example

‘I live here.’

The word ‘hear’ on the other hand means ‘to listen what is uttered’. Therefore, ‘hear’ denotes an action. So it is a verb. But ‘here’ is not a verb, an adverb. In the following examples the word ‘here’ is used as an adverb of place.

Come here.

Put the bag here.

In the above two imperative sentences the word ‘here’ is an adverb qualifying the verbs ‘come’ and ‘put’.

See more sentences.

He heard the door open.

I heard a noise in the room.

In the sentences above the word ‘hear’ is a static verb that is the verb indicating sense action. In these sentences the ‘hear’ means ‘to listen’. The verb here is used in the past form. Hear’ is always used in association with nouns like ‘voice’, ‘sound’, ‘speak’, ‘cry’ etc. It means that the verb ‘hear’ is associated with sound words. The word ‘hearsay’ is often used in English which means ‘a rumor’.

‘Here’ is used sometimes to attract the attention towards something. For example, ‘Here is the mistake’. In the sentence the word ‘here’ is used by the speaker to attract the attention of the audience towards a particular thing. The word ‘here’ has some more functions too. It can be used as ‘pronoun’ and ‘noun’.

In ‘He wandered here and there’ the word here is a noun in this sentence. In the sentence ‘I was born in Delhi and since then I have been living here. ‘In this sentence the word ‘here’ is used as a pronoun for the noun, Delhi.


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