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The two English words “here” and “there” are usually used as adjectives in the English language and are…

The two English words “here” and “there” are usually used as adjectives in the English language and are utilized to denote the location of an object or person. Some of the examples of the use of these words are as follows:

  1. You can find and purchase the best and most reasonably priced DVDs here.
  2. The filing cabinet for the student caseloads and clinical rotation can be found over there.

One can deduce that although the words here and there are both utilized to refer to the location, however, upon close examination of the set examples above, you will notice that the word “here” is utilized to point out the position of a nearby item or person whilst “there” implies that an article or person is far.

Therefore, if one will compare the range of the two words, it can be said that the word “here” points to something that is within the person’s range of vision and is thus can be easily seen or presented, “there, on the other hand, is indicative of an object or person that is beyond the line of sight. These two words, aside from granting a person on an idea of the location of something and its distance, may also be utilized in affirmative statements like:

  1. You may sleep here tonight.
  2. If you want to catch the President in his office, you should go there before lunch.

Also, they can be used as nouns like in the expression “Here and there”, and in other instances, they can also be used as adverbs as in sentences like “The girl goes there” and “She comes here.”

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