High Middle Ages vs. Early Middle Ages

Difference between high Middle Ages and the early Middle Ages Our history books are riddled with time frames…

Difference between high Middle Ages and the early Middle Ages

Our history books are riddled with time frames which, to an ordinary student, appear to be no different from each other. Some of the time frames in history we commonly meet will include the Middle Ages which is then further subdivided into the following sections: Early Middle Ages, High Middle Ages, and Late Middle Ages.

The Middle Ages is period in world history which falls around 476 AD (Antiquity) and 1500 AD (Modern History). It is an entire millennium which is also known as the Medieval Period and its subdivision is unique in its own right. These sub-divisions have their own distinct characteristics, not to mention totally different time frames, especially that of the Early Middle ages and High Middle Ages. Both periods manifested differing degrees of scientific awareness as developmets in society. A large number of technological advancements were made in the High Middle ages as towns evolved to replace manors.

Early Middle Ages refers to the period after Rome fell; it is also the start of the Renaissance Period. This time frame heralds the arrival of the Middle Ages and spins off with the invasion of Rome by Germanic people, this event led to the Roman empire’s demise. Some of the highlights of the Early Middle Ages will include:

  1. Settlement of the Visigoths in Spanish Territory.
  2. The Formation and eventual ruin of a European empire by the Huns
  3. The capture of Northern regions of Africa by the Vandals
  4. Ostrogoth domination in Italy
  5. The Angels and Saxons invading England
  6. The time of King Arthur’s rule!

The High Middle Age is the immediate period after the Early Middle Ages and began at approximately 1000 AD and has the following milestones:

  1. Spain was able to push Islamic invaders out of the country
  2. Countries like Russia and Poland were able to establish kingdoms
  3. Victory in the battle of Manzikert in 1071 AD was reaped by the Seljuks
  4. Christianity is one the rise and people fought to escape from Islamic dominance
  5. The Crusades gradually became weak with the public finally giving up on wars.
  6. Systems of governance changed radically during this period.


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