Hip Hop vs. Ballet

Difference between Hip hop and Ballet   Hip Hop has existed not only as a street borne music…

Difference between Hip hop and Ballet


Hip Hop has existed not only as a street borne music but also as a lifestyle and a form of dance. Ballet, on the other hand, is a more sophisticated dance and art form that is usually confined to society’s most elite. These are two most common dance forms worldwide, and both involve strong and fluid body movements like turns and jumps. However, they still have their major differences.

Hip hop evolved in the gang war ridden streets of New York, where the Bronx was notorious for their loud and Jamaican influenced music used to counter an enemy gang. Hip Hop developed not only as a musical genre but also involved lifestyle changes, art in the form of “Graffitti”, and dance. Hip hop dancing  showcases unique dance moves which are spontaneous and energetic, some of the dance moves will include popping and locking and are in time with the music’s beat. Hip Hop dancing is sometimes known as “Breakdancing” and exhibits fast paced body contortions and twists.

Ballet, is a more formal dance which is more ancient than hip hop. This dance style was believed to have originated in Italy at around 15th century, but other oppose this belief, stating that Ballet is actually from France. Unlike the spontaneous and freestyle movements of Hip hop, ballet requires precision, plenty of hours of practice, elegance, poise, and flexibility, with the latter being the utmost requirement. The movements in ballet are very precise and graceful, from the tips of the toes to the deliberate flick of e finger. Ballet, unlike Hip hop, is not available to all. When Hip hop can be performed on the streets with a lot of spectators, ballet is only available to the privileged few who have access to more expensive forms of entertainment, in this case, ballet.

Hip Hop and ballet dancers are both required to be flexible. Hip hop, though, can be performed by almost anyone with an interest in hip hop dancing. Ballet will require its dancers to be small, slender, and very lithe. Hip hop dance moves are spontaneous and can be learned in only a couple of weeks or months; Ballet, on the other hand, will need years of stringent practice in ballet schools. Ballet requires strong discipline, strict training, and patience. Also, Hip hop is more popular among teenagers than ballet, with the latter being practiced only if you plan to make a living out of it.

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