Hip Hop vs Pop

Difference between Hip Hop and Pop Music Musical genres have evolved to become fashion trends and ways of…

Difference between Hip Hop and Pop Music

Musical genres have evolved to become fashion trends and ways of life. Subcultures like Hip hop, Emo, Punk, Rock, and Pop all had their inspiration from the type of musical genre from which they came from and such musical subcultures contributed largely to the fashion market and the influenced several changes in society. Two of these musical genres which contributed much to the music market are Hip hop and Pop.

The Hip hop subculture began around 1970s in the urban streets of New York. The Bronx was notorious for their loud music and to note, their music was heavily influenced by Jamaican rhythm. Soon, DJing, B- boying, Rap and the art of Graffiti appeared not only to accompany the evolving hip hop genre, but primarily to counter the ever present gang wars in the area.

Pop, on the other hand, is a combination of all musical genres. It actually has an earlier origin than that of hip hop, estimated to have been born in the early 1930s; despite this, Pop always managed to appeal to the younger generation and the public in general for the freshness of its rhythm and versatility.

Hip hop and Popare different not only in the time periods in which they have originated;they also differ in style, beat, and quality. Hip hop is characterized by beats accompanied byvocal percussions, beat box, funk, and scratching. Also, hip hop contains lyrics which are present the singer’s view and stand on a certain issue. Pop, on the other hand, is believed to be made for the sake of commercialism, to sell as many products in the form of music and other merchandise related to the singers in an effort to gain profit. Thus, most people believe that is Pop as a musical genre is a commercial and superficial musical genre devoid of any artistic quality.

Despite the differences, one cannot deny the influence these two musical genres had on the public, for some, Pop and Hip hop are not only limited to audio, they have also become a way of life. Issues on whether they are exploited for profiteering and on whether or not they have artistic qualities are no longer important since the public has begun to accept that for a musical genre to last, it should not only represent the artist’s stand but should also draw in the attention of the masses.


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