Hip Hop vs Rap

Difference between Hip Hop and Rap Music has transformed into several subtype with its own characteristics. These musical…

Difference between Hip Hop and Rap

Music has transformed into several subtype with its own characteristics. These musical subcultures have not only become popular in terms of audio, but also evolved into a way of life for some people. Some of the musical subcultures which became lifestyles include Hip hop, Emo, Pop, and Rock. Each genre has a flavour of its own, however, some individuals find it hard to differentiate Hip hop from Rap and both have been used interchangeably, a mistake every music enthusiast would always be happy to point out. Rap and Hip hop may have followed the same beat of music, but the two differ in their history, purpose and over- all attitude.

Hip hop was born in the streets of the Bronx in New York at around 1970s. Most of the residents in the said are of African- American and of Hispanics lineage; the streets back then were notorious for their block parties and the loud music with Jamaican influence. Hip hop evolved not only as a musical genre but as a manner of dress and manner as well. Together with the art of graffiti and DJing and B-Boing, it was used to counter the frequent gang wars in the Bronx.

Rap is thought to be a musical self- expression and has developed at about the same time as hip hop. Similar to the latter, Rap was born from the chaotic Bronx parties in New York, where the singers speak in time with the beat of the music to deliver their stand in an issue or concern. Rap is deduced to be a conglomerate of song, prose, poetry, and self- expression.

Hip hop, upon closer examination, is a more light-hearted, free- spirited, and versatile musical genre. Rap, on the other hand, has more substance compared to hip hop, with its lyrics strongly making a serious stand on an important issue or public concern. Rap is a medium for self- expression when speaking outright on a certain topic might prove to be too offensive or unpleasant. Not only does Rap reflect on public issues, it may also be a reflection of personal sorrow or personal faults and flaws. Rap is also debated upon as a versatile musical genre as it can be included in other musical subcultures like Blues, Reggae and Rock.


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