Hip Hop vs. Rock

Difference Between Hip Hop and Rock There are plenty of music genres one can choose from today, with…

Difference Between Hip Hop and Rock

There are plenty of music genres one can choose from today, with the proliferation of creative minds and the evolution of music into different subcultures, one cannot just be an avid fan of a type of music by listening to it, they can now live its lifestyle! Some of the musical genres which have reached its popularity and are still gaining a large number of followers are Hip Hop and Rock. These two genres of music have metamorphosed around 1960s- 1970s, and incidentally, both have also originated from the United States.

Hip Hop

Hip hop, which was believed to have originated in the streets of New York, may actually have been the product of another event which goes way back into history: that of the slavery period. Hip hop became well- known as an instrument of self- expression in the gang war- ridden area of the Bronx, and with other art form like graffiti, it became an instrument to counter opposing gangs. This musical genre made use of vocal percussions, rapping, DJing and beatboxing; it also relied on spontaneously produced lyrics to go with the beat. For you to be an effective Hip Hop singer, you’d better be quick on your feet, or in this case, tongue.

Rock Music, or Rock and Roll, began its rapid ascent to fame around the mid- 1950s in the United States, which eventually spread to Europe and, gradually, the world. The most famous Rock Icon in history is Elvis Presley who is not only known for his music but his evocative dancing as well. Rock music involves the use of electric guitars and drums, and in the 1960s, synthesizers were added to add more flavour to the music.

To emphasize the difference between the two genres, Hip Hop makes use of vocal percussion and meaningful lyrics. Rock on the other hand relies heavily not only


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