History vs. Archaeology

Difference Between History and Archaeology We are always fascinated by history as it helps us in understanding civilization…

Difference Between History and Archaeology

We are always fascinated by history as it helps us in understanding civilization and its evolution. Its study is considered to be useful in solving the problems of the presents. The causes of many of the problems of today lies with the past. So, the history is necessary for us to read. History and archeology are the deeply connected fields of study. Both history and archaeology reveal the past. Both of them appear the same but there is difference between the two fields of study.


A historian interprets the past. Generally the historian does an objective study of the past. He does not involve his own subjective views while interpreting past happenings. He usually records the past with the help of facts and narratives. He is not biased while doing so. History as a subject of study originated when the writing itself was invented and they start keeping the records of the important happenings. Those events which happened before the beginning of History are called prehistoric events. Those events are only speculated and not verified with the facts. History deals with the authentic information of the past.


Archeology deals with digging up artifacts with a view to unearth the information about the past. It analyses the data and collects the happenings of the past from them. Thus Archaeology is related to History. The facts of history are more authentic than the findings of Archaeology because history is written on the basis of the records written by people of the past. On the other hand, no such type of evidence is present in archaeology. The artifacts in archaeologists pick up the loose ends based on their own experience.

Difference between History and Archaeology

Fossils and artifacts about ancient civilizations are dug up by archaeologists. These civilizations do not find mention in the History books. History is a recollection while archaeology is a search. This is the biggest difference between the two though they are related to the past. Archeology can be termed as History because it tries to us

Though both attempt to unravel the past for us. Archeology is also history in the sense that archeologists try to make conclusion about what happened in the past. The guess is based on upon artifacts they have dug up. History is all about facts and information. History is based on the information which already there. An historian rewrites it in a different style.


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