History vs. Puranas

The Difference between History and Puranas History and Puranas both seems to have same meaning but in fact…

The Difference between History and Puranas

History and Puranas both seems to have same meaning but in fact there is some dissimilarity between them. History refers to happening of some actions undeniably in the earlier period. History points out the ancient people, their lifestyle, development and primordial political management.

Puranas are like a story-book. They are the legendary records of some great families or empire of different states from the earlier period. Puranas are considered as trends in India. In the whole there are 18 puranas which have been sliced into three major segments namely Sattivika puranas, Rajasika puranas and Tamasika puranas associate with three gods names- Vishnu, Brahma and Lord Shiva respectively.

Puranas pass on an in-depth explanation regarding the festivals and the set of laws related to the manner of strictness and other applications, while on the other hand history gives complete information on the major happenings that took place under the administration of different rulers or kings within their respective kingdom.

The civilization development of a nation can be easily recognized on the grounds of its historical records. At the same time, spiritual maturity of a nation like India can be evaluated through the pauranic records of the specific civilization of the country.

Evidence can be provided for proving history by the past facts but pauranic events are impossible to prove on the basis of facts. Pauranic events can be supposed to heve been happened on the grounds of faith and belief. This is the most important factors that makes them difference between history and puranas.

Another important difference among history and puranas is the reality that the historical records have been survived in the past and also can be proved by the monuments, ancient structures, palaces, tombs, etc. At the same time, there are chances that pauranic figures might not have been existed in the past because they are mostly based on suppositions and imaginary statements. There may be no evidence in the form of documents or monuments to prove them.

History gives major significance to material wealth while puranas gives major significance to sacred and religious wealth.

Puranas consists of the stories and detailed information of different gods and goddess, religious places, pilgrimages such as Kasi and Gaya. On the other hand, history is the subject which can be widely analyzed that provides detailed explanation of wars, battles, triumph of various emperors, developments made by the kings during their empire, studies of civilization growth, etc.


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