Hives Vs. Rash

Difference Between Hives and Rash Urticaria, which is more commonly known as hives is a special type of…

Difference Between Hives and Rash

Urticaria, which is more commonly known as hives is a special type of skin disease that characterize visible dark red bumps that are itchy. “Hives” the term derives from “Urtica” which is the Latin word for nettle. In addition, a rash is a change that makes the epidermal layer of skin change its color and texture for an unusual look. The eruptions may be limited to a particular body part or affect the skin all over.

Urticaria is the result of extreme infection caused by an allergy. The hives that persist for six weeks or less are caused by allergies, while those who stay more than six weeks may be due to an unknown cause that is specific and chronic idiopathic in individuals. Some of the less common elements that cause’s hives include extremes of temperature, pressure changes, sunlight, skin rash, etc., however, are the result of a number of causes, including

Allergies and external stimuli such as drugs, foods may also belong to this category.

Fungal infection


Infection caused by viruses or bacteria

Skin irritation

In response to vaccination


Treatment of chronic urticaria can be a bit complicated and difficult at times. In fact, there is no specific process as such. Even the attacks can not be controlled effectively. Often, some patients tend to be treated with drugs as these suddenly lose effectiveness and thus the need for new drugs becomes immediate. The most common, such as loratadine tend to take up to two days to achieve any effect. On the other hand, items used to treat skin rashes include anti-itch creams consisting of menthol, camphor, and Benadryl itch-X. Antihistamines such as Alavert and Chlortrimeton also apply. Normal lotions can also provide a great relief. When applying creams and medications listed above does not help, patients are encouraged to consult a dermatologist for diagnosis and specific treatment.


1. Commonly known as hives, urticaria refers to the development of visible dark red bumps on the skin very itchy. Eruptions on the other hand are a common skin disease that changes the color, texture and appearance.

2. Allergic and no allergic stimuli lead to hives, while the rash is the result of a fungal infection, vaccination of allergies, menstruation, anxiety, and foods.

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