Honda Civic vs Porsche

Difference between Civic and Porsche These two are some of the most common brands of cars in the…

Difference between Civic and Porsche

These two are some of the most common brands of cars in the market. Whether you are looking for a luxury car or one that is an absolute necessity, there is no choice that you will go for you either Civic or a Porsche. These cars have superb performance levels; they are of high quality and are very reliable. They also give the customer top of the world driving experience class and comfort.

Honda Civic

The civic is one of the best in the line of production of the Honda Motors Company Ltd. This company is one of the best performing car manufacturers based on sales and performance. The production line of Honda motors also includes Accord, Fit, Insight, Odyssey and CR-V. Civic was however one of the best selling cars from Honda motors in 2007. Among the thing that analyst say that are responsible for the huge success of the car are fuel efficiency and a reliable engine that allows one good mileage before the need for repair. The fact the car can be easily modified to look like the newest Honda cars in the market have made car a favorite with the consumers too.


The car comes from the production line of Porsche SE, one of the best known racing car manufacturers in the world. Porsche SE is also a majority shareholder in Volkswagen AG.

Porsche has earned the reputation of being one of the most luxurious and prestigious cars in the sports car industry. The 911 model, Porsche Boxter, the Panamera and the Cayenne are some of the makes of Porsche that are doing very well in the market. The class, comfort and the thrill that comes with driving a Porsche make it the top choice when sports enthusiasts are considering buying a sports car.

Difference between Honda Civic and Porsche

The obvious difference between the Porsche and the civic is their engine types. The civic comes either in the 1.8 litter 140 horsepower, 16-valve SOHC I-VTEC 4-cylinder engine or the 2.0, 197 horsepower, SOHC I-VTEC 4-cylinder engines from which the consumer can choose from. the Porsche on the other hand comes with the very powerful 320 horsepower 3.6liter 24 valves engine.

The fuel tanks capacity of the two cars is another point of differentiation with the Civic being able to hold a meager 50 liters while compared to the 67 liters that the tank of the Porsche can hold. The Porsche is also better at traction control because its wider tires prevent it from sliding on slippery surfaces. These factors coupled with the fact that the Civic is an affordable midsized car and the Porsche a powerful sports car clearly differentiate these two cars.

However, these cars are in money terms way above that of the cars that compete with them in their respective classes. Good sales of either of the cars are driven by customer satisfaction and performance in the period they own the car.


These two cars cater for completely different customer needs. The Porsche is popular with the people in search of a luxurious high performing sports car while the Civic is the choice for people in need of an affordable mid sized luxury car with a good mileage.

I terms of performance, the Porsche’s out powers the Civic with its horsepower of 320 compared to the Civic with an engine of only 140 horsepower.

Porsche has a better anti-slip regulation than Civic due to its wider tires.

The Civic has an engine with a capacity of 1.8-liter compared with the 3.6 liters in Porsche.


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