Hotel vs. Inn

Difference between Hotel and Inn One point of similarity between an inn and a hotel is that both…

Difference between Hotel and Inn

One point of similarity between an inn and a hotel is that both provide both shelter and meals to guests and that the guests stay in them for a relatively short time. However, the two are very different from each other. The articled will try to bring out the points of differentiation between the two more clearly.


Hotels are common in all the both the large and small cities of the world. The visitors to a hotel are booked there for a relatively short period of time. Hotels are therefore meant to provide a stay for and lodging for travelers in vacations or other related activities. Besides the accommodation, hotels provide other provisions including meals fitted bathroom modern inbuilt facilities such as Jacuzzis and room service and other facilities that are available to the guests at a price. The modern hotel is a lot more different from the hotels that were there before where the only things in the little room were a small table and a washstand. Today, hotels offer a lot of services that make the stay more memorable.

An Inn

The Inns were first built in Europe by the Romans when they were constructing their road system. These inns gave to the travelers lodging, meals and also had stables where the travelers could keep their horses. This same basic aim of the inn still remains. They cater for travelers who wish to rest for a few days then continue on their journey. These are built on the roadsides or in villages and offer guests home cooked food.

Distinction between Hotel and Inn

A hotel is structurally different from an inn in that whereas the inn is a single building that is occupied by the owner with spare room where the visitors are accommodated, the hotel has lot more rooms inside the same building. Because the owner of the inn offer their guests home cooked meals, they will tend to feel more at home than if staying in a hotel. The hotel will have more facilities for the guest to enjoy. There is also round the clock room service and other services such as conference facilities, pools but the guests in the in only enjoy those services that are available in the inn. Staying in an inn is also a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel in adding to the fact that the guests enjoy the relaxing conditions of the countryside away from the activities of the towns where most hotels are located.

In brief:

The hotel is a bigger building with very many rooms where accommodation meals and other services are provided to the guests whereas the inn is a house type accommodation place located near roads were people travelling can find rest and home cooked meals before they continue on their journey.


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