Hotel vs. Motel

Difference between Hotel and Motel Are there differences between the motel and a hotel? The first thing to…

Difference between Hotel and Motel

Are there differences between the motel and a hotel? The first thing to note is that Motels are meant to provide accommodation to motorists and travelers driving on the countryside. They are low blocks or buildings on the roadsides with a parking space directly in front of the rooms where the guests can park their cars. Other than accommodation, motels provide meals and a range of other services to travelers and tourists.

Hotels differ from motels based on their characteristics, features and purpose for which they are built. To start with, a motel is a U-shaped or a square shaped building with the inner court providing the parking area. Different from a motel’s rooms that face inwards, the rooms in a hotel face inwards.

Secondly, the guests in a hotel may stay for a longer time while the guests of a motel stay overnight. The visitors to a hotel are therefore both business and vocation visitor who plan to stay up to two weeks while those of the motel leave in the morning.

Apart from this, the facilities and luxuries that are available in the motels are only those necessary for a short stay while the hotel offers a lot more luxuries ranging from swimming pools to bars and gyms.

Cars belonging to the guests in the hotel are parked a short distance away but that of the motel as stated earlier is within the compound. Motels also offer very competitive rates for the stay and would be the best choice for a person who is traveling because they are conveniently located on the roadsides and can be easily accessed by them.

The location is therefore one point of difference between a hotel and a motel with the hotels being within the city center while the motels are built on the road side far away from the town in less traveled roads and also in the streets.

You will therefore feel more comfortable if you s book into a hotel if you plan to have an extended stay because they have more facilities to enjoy oneself with. On the other hand, the motel will provide awesome experience for the family when on their journey for the night.


The main differences between a motel and a motel are;

  • People book into a hotel when they plan on a long stay while the motel is for those on an overnight stay while they journey. The hotel also provides more luxuries to the guests than do motels. s
  • Hotels are found in city centers while motels are found far away from the cities on less frequented roads and within the streets.
  • The cars of the guests in a motel are parked just outside their rooms in the parking courtyard while those of guests in hotels are parked a distance away.
  • Hotels charge their clients a bit more than do motels. Motels are also easily accessible by the average traveler.


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