House vs. Techno Music

What is the difference between house and techno music? House and techno are modern music that is generally…

What is the difference between house and techno music?

House and techno are modern music that is generally played in night clubs. They are type of electro dance music. Disc jockeys are used with a DJ mixset to play both the music. Both the music are generally dance based.


House can be marked out around 1980’s particularly in the state of Illinois in Chicago. House is inclined by a range of disco music, replicating the beating specifically the bass drum per beat, and may also highlight some electronic outcome. House can be easily differentiated from other electro dance musics all the way through kick drum beat produced by drum machine; sometimes a sampler.


Techno, at the same time can be marked out from Michigan. It is very interesting to know that techno is influenced by electro music. Drum machines, synthesizers, sequences and keyboards are generally used in Techno. Though its fame began in the late 1980s it is commonly hear thi music in most disco houses and night clubs.

Difference between House and Techno

Nowadays, when one goes to disco houses, it is difficult to decide which music is a techno and which one is a house. Both being a type of electronic dance music, the foremost difference is that their origins vary. House was firstly imagined from Illinois and techno is invented from Michigan. Both have a similarity in using musical instruments such as a synthesizer, a drum machine and a sequencer but, techno uses keyboards while house does not. House is inspired with a range of disco music and on the other hand techno is inspired by the post-disco music.

Though the origins of both music differs in the US state, people in disco bars and night-clubs just want to enjoy despite of which music is played, techno or house.

In brief:

  • House and techno are dance based electro music.
  • House is invented from Illinois while Techno has emerged from Michigan.
  • The instrument used by both music is same. The only difference is that techno uses keyboards unlike house.


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