How do we decide which phone to upgrade to?

There is always going to be the battle between all models and types of phones. But which is…

There is always going to be the battle between all models and types of phones. But which is better? All have their technical advantages but it is always the more attractive phones which are picked out first. Why is it that appearance rules over function?

When a customer goes to pick out a new phone, firstly they normally stick with the same mobile network, because they may be on a contract, or just enjoy the perks of the network. Someone on O2; is more likely to stay with them than change to 3 because they are likely to be unaware of 3’s performance, positives and negatives. If people are upgrading, they tend to look for models which are similar to their current phone. Some people go for the same make of phone as their old one. This may be because they are confident with the make, they can rely on it and know the operating system. An upgraded version just makes sense.

Others might be changing to a brand new model, but if they haven’t done the research about the functions of the phone, the attractive model might draw their attention first and then the functions are looked at.

Most people like their phones to be sleek, shiny and modern. The basic functions almost all phones have, include text messaging, a camera and picture storage. More modern accessories might be internet access, WIFI, blue-tooth and the capacity to download apps.

The camera quality is becoming increasingly better. Some screens now even have HD and image editing software built in. Upgrading to a higher quality camera may be very tempting to a customer, especially if they don’t have a camera of their own. Various phones allow photo editing applications to be used with the images. Different filters manipulate the image in different ways. Depending on the application, you can achieve various results for example; a polaroid camera look, retouching, face swap or a panoramic look. You can create artistic photos without even uploading them to the computer.

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