HTC Thunderbolt vs. Apple iPhone 4

Difference Between HTC Thunderbolt and Apple iPhone 4 Performance, Speed, Features and Specs When one is shopping for…

Difference Between HTC Thunderbolt and Apple iPhone 4 Performance, Speed, Features and Specs

When one is shopping for a smart phone and they narrow their choice to HTC Thunderbolt and Apple iPhone 4, making which of the two to choose would be a tough one to make. On the first week of January 2001, HTC Thunderbolt was released into the market. This was one of the first android phones by HTC to run on the 4G platform.HTC Thunderbolt was one of the first Android 4G phones to run on the next generation 4G-LTE network. The phone does not support any 3G network. The apple iPhone 4 is one of the most iconic Smartphone whose release was highly publicized. Although the first release Apple iphone was meant to run only on the 4G network, later releases were made which were fully compatible with all the 3G networks. The two are therefore two phones that are completely different but whose benefits are very close to each other. Thunderbolt is a fully 4G Phone that only work on the 4G-LTE network platform (LTE 700) while the iPhone 4 relies on the 3G network and giving support to both UMTS and CDMA networks (CDMA EvDO Rev.A, CDMA 1X800/1900). This forms the basic difference between the phones and the basis of decisions on which phone a person buys either the thunderbolt or Apple’s iPhone.

Both phone also work on different operating systems. HTC Thunderbolt is built to use the Android 2.2 (Frodo) operating system while that of the iPhone 4 runs is Apple’s proprietary OS, iOS 4.2.1.

The phones also differ on the applications with the HTC Thunderbolt having access to Android market for applications while the iPhone can only make use if the application that are  offered by Apple’s own Apps Store. Both phone makers promise the users thousand’s of applications in their support sites.

When one is looking at the design side of the phones, the two are structurally different. HTC thunderbolt has a 4.3″ WVGA display, an 8 MP camera with 720p High Definition video recording ability; a Dolby SRS surround Sound system. The phone also has DLNA and an in built kick stand. Apple iPhone 4’s applications include a 3.5″ LED backlit Retina display that has a very high resolution of 960×640 pixels. It has a 512 MB eDRAM. The customer is given the choice between the 16 and 32 GB internal hard disks. Other features include a 5megapixel 5x digital zoom camera and a ultra thin body at only 9.3mm. It is no wonder that the manufacturer boost of having build the thinnest Smartphone in the market. The phone is also covered with a scratch resistant oleo phobic coated glass front and a back panel built of stainless steel frame.

The HTC Thunderbolt is sold exclusively by Verizon in the US because the phone runs on 4G-LTE network compatible with LTE 700 and CDMA EvDO Rev.A which the phone supports. Following the release of the CDMA iPhone 4, Apple also said gave to Verizon the monopoly sale right and said the phone would run on Verizon’s 3G-CDMA network. Apart form the fact that the CDMA iPhone 4 used the CDMA network, all the other features of the phone are similar to those of previous iPhone 4 models. However, unlike the previous Apple iPhones, the phone allows the mobile hotspot capability through Verizon.  The GSM iPhone 4 model sold by AT&T and also runs on AT&T’s 3G-UMTS network.

Specs of HTC Thunderbolt

Similar to the MDM9600 modem, HTC Thunderbolt uses the 1GHz Qualcomm MSM 8655 processors that support the 4G network. The phone also has a 4.3″ WVGA display and has been made to support the data exchange rates that are possible on a 4G network by use of the multimode network support and a bigger Ram of 768 MB. Additional features of the phone include an 8megapixel camera that comes with a LED flash. At the back of the phone is a 720pHD video recording camera and another 1.3megapixel video calling camera at the front.

The phone’s operating system is the upgradable Android 2.2 that can be upgraded to upgradeable to Android 2.3. It also has HTC Sense 2 for faster boot capability and personalization of the phone. It also has very cute camera effects. The phone’s inbuilt memory is 8GB but has an expandable memory in a preinstalled 32 GB micro SD for extra memory. This is in addition to the kickstand to enhance the user’s hands free media viewing.

Qualcomm, the manufacturer of the phone claims that theirs is the first LTE/3G Multimode Chipsets. The 3G multimode is very good at giving ubiquitous data and voice services.

The 4.3” WVGA display, 4G speeds, a super fast processor, Dolby Surround Sound, DLNA live-streaming and kickstand for hands free multimedia viewing, the phone promises a pleasurable live music listening experience.

Among the phone’s extra unique features is the integrated Skype application that makes video calling an easy task just like that of making voice calls. It also supports the mobile hotspot capabilities similar to the 3G Apple iPhone. The hotspot created by the smart phone can be utilized by up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Some Thunderbolt optimized application include Game loft, EA’s Rock Band, Let’s Golf! 2, Tunewiki, and Bitbop. Thunderbolt hit the store on 17 March 2011 and is expected to perform very well due to its high speed capabilities.

Just like the iPhone, Thunderbolt is tied to the US service provider, Verizon. It runs on Verizon’s 4G-LTE network whose Network support is both LTE 700 and CDMA EvDO Rev.A. It is also the first Smartphone to run on this network. While using thunderbolt on Verizon’s 4G network, the phone could be able to give up to 12 Mbps download speeds and upload speeds of up to 5 in areas where there is access to the 4G network. The price of the two year contract for the thunderbolt is $250. On top of this, the customer will have to subscribe to Verizon’s Wireless Nationwide Talk plan at $39.99 dollars and the 4G LTE data package for $29.99 fro a monthly contract. Those who acquired the Smartphone before May 15 were able to enjoy the mobile hotspot application at no extra charge.

Apple iPhone4

This is an ultra thin smart phone and was the slimmest Smartphone in the market before Galaxy S II was released. Among the lovely features in the phonies is a 3.5″ LED backlit Retina display that has a very high resolution (960×640 pixels), a 512 MB eDRAM and the customer is given the option to choose the between the 16 GB internal memory phone or that with 32 GB. It also has a two cameras; a rear 5 megapixel 5x digital zoom rear that has a LED flash and the 0.3 megapixel camera for video calling that is at the front. It runs on Apple’s iOS 4.2.1 operating system that can be upgraded to iOS 4.3. This new operating system for the Smartphone is expected to give the Smartphone industry a big boost due to its improved capabilities. New features to the phone include hotspot capability.

Due to the amazing feature and innovation that came with the Apple iphone 4, all the iPhone that   are being released are being compared to this uniquely impressive Smartphone. Among these innovative features are a 3.5” display, which although smaller than standard displays that come with the newer versions and makes of smart phones, the Smartphone’s high resolution and brightness compensates for this by making it very easy to read even small texts comfortably. The screen’s resolution is 960X640 pixels.

Apple iPhone’s touch screen is very sensitive and scratch resistant. The Phone’s fast processor allows the phone to process commands very smoothly. Apple 4’s processor is 1GHz. It also uses one of the best operating systems in the Smartphone industry (iOS 4).  With safari, the phone’s default web browser, one can easily surf the internet and get access to the thousands of application on apple’s online store. This browsing experience is enhanced by full virtual QWERTY keyboard that allows one to type faster while chatting with friend on facebook because the phone is completely compatible with facebook.

Apple iPhone 4 comes in black and white colors with each having a cool candy bar form. The phone’s demensions are 15.2 x 48.6 x 9.3 mm with a weight of 137g. It can connect to the internet either through Bluetooth v2.1+EDR or Wi-Fi 802.1b/g/n at a speed of 2.4 GHz.

Although the phone’s front and back glass design is very good looking, the material that make these parts are being said to crack easily when the phone is dropped. The company has introduced vibrant color bumpers to counter this problem.  The 16 GB phone goes for $200 at Verizon stores while the 32 GB phone goes for $ 300. The customer is also required to enter into a monthly data contract that starts from $20.


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