Difference  between HTML and CSS The mark-up language called Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is one of the…

Difference  between HTML and CSS

The mark-up language called Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is one of the leading web development languages. This is the core of webpage’s structures. After reading the HTML codes, the browser is then able to give the visual aspects of the webpage. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) on the other hand is a web designing language that defines the look and formatting of the web page document by use of the mark-up language and is used together with HTML

What is HTML?

This is not a programming language but a mark-up language. A markup language uses a set of mark up tags to define the contents of WebPages.  HTML applies the use of both plain text and HTML tags. HTML tags are easy to identify because they are contained with angle brackets such as <HTML>. They appear in a document in pairs with the first being the start tag written something like, <b> and the other, the end tag  taking the form similar to </b>. The browsers then are tasked with reading these tags and displaying the appropriate contents on the browser’s webpage.  The tags are the bases with which the browsers interpret the tags and display is contents as a webpage. The browser gives the meaningful web page contents to the user but not the HTML tags. HTML pages may have embedded images objects or even scripts that have been designed using such tools as java script.  This mark-up language also supports interactive forms.

What is CSS?

This web designing language defines the appearance of contents in a webpage. The original intention of tags in html documents was not for formatting the documents but to define the contents.  Tags such as, <font> that came with HTML 3.2 made web programming more difficult than before because the process of adding web page  color to every page of large websites became a tedious task. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) came up with the solution for this problem in the form of CSS. With HTML 4.0, one can remove the entire web formatting from the main html document and store them on a different CSS file. CSS make it possible to separate the contents of WebPages from the formatting layout, presentation and font. This allows s different webpage of the same website to share the same formatting codes and avoid repeating the structural codes with each web page. It also allows a user the flexibility to choose different styles of presenting the same webpage. They can also choose a different style sheet that overrides the one that the author specified. All browsers support the widely used CSS language.

Metamorphoses between HTML and CSS

The core difference between HTML and CSS is that whereas HTML is a markup language that is used to define the contents of a web page, CSS is a style sheet language whose core activity is to define the formatting that a web page will come in. however, is still possible to define the formatting of the web page using HTML but using CSS make the work a lot more easy especially when dealing with the formats of multiple pages. It gives a webpage with consistent format and colors.


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