Hub Vs. Switch Vs. Router

Differences Between Hib Switch and Routers Hub: A hub is the box that directs traffic on a network,…

Differences Between Hib Switch and Routers


A hub is the box that directs traffic on a network, but the conductor is not particularly wise. If you send something from a masking, sent it to all others, but only the computer which have the information are able to pick it up. So it goes horribly slow when the machines perform over the network. Should you invest in a larger network, one two computers, you should rather buy a switch or router.


A switch, is just like a hub, a box that connects all the computers in a network. The difference is that switch knows which machine is connected to each port, and controls the information only to the port so the computer gets the only information it should have, and not the other. This allows transfers in a network is more effective with a switch than a hub.


A router connects one or more networks, make sure the uploaded information is properly presented. It can also be easily used for small networks of two or three computers, but a suitable switch better. A router can sit between networks with different protocols (TCP / IP & UDP), and is therefore suitable for connecting different networks into one large one. At home, a router do really benefit by connecting your home network to the Internet. This allows the network to go on the internet over the same line. The actual benefit of a router is its function relationships as firewall and also that it can hand out IP addresses, also known as DHCP.

So we also have the wireless standard, but it is not true that I saw it. If you have any questions about wireless and networking in general, just ask in the forum. There is always someone there with skills that will respond.

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