Hug Vs. Cuddle

Difference Between Hug And Cuddle We human beings live in a society and are fond of association and…

Difference Between Hug And Cuddle

We human beings live in a society and are fond of association and attention and we also love to share not only happy moments but our moments of sorrow as well. The human beings utilize many non-verbal and body languages to communicate between two or more people. A hug and cuddle are two of the non verbal communicative measures that are used by the human beings for the expression of love.

Both of these expressions are used to express happiness, love, trust and even support and suffering due to pain. These actions are quite similar, however they are different.

Hugging is quite simply a gesture that involves the wrapping of arms around the waist or neck of another individual, compress a little and then back off. Its most important part is the physical contact that last for a few moment. Hug is a token of greeting for a known and recognized person. Generally two or more people hug each other. It is an intimate gesture however it is quite an accepted gesture in the present scenario and is also done in public places. However there are a few societies who do not accept a hug between the opposite genders. But a hug between a hug between a grown up and an infant is not objected at all. However there needs to be a mutual understanding between the two parties who are hugging.

Cuddle is another intimate gesture where there are two people embracing each other for a longer time than a hug. Cuddle is seen in case of a child and a mother where the mother holds the baby for a long time till it falls asleep. It is a physically intimate act. Two spouses can cuddle against each other if they are known to each other and they just like to be in each other’s embrace for a long time. A cuddle is an act of faith, love and acquaintance.

The act of cuddling is not a socially accepted one and if it is between the opposite sexes, then it is regarded as a forbidden act in quite a few societies.


1. While hug is a short act where two or more people embrace each other; a cuddle is longer than a hug.

2. Hugging is universally accepted social act unlike cuddling which is regarded as “public exhibition of fondness” in almost every society and is not accepted.

3. A hug is a shared act where, everyone can take part however cuddling can also be received by one person while the other gives it.

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