Human Resources (HR) vs. Public Relation (PR)

Difference between HR and Public Relation (PR) These two terms are very much familiar to somebody who is…

Difference between HR and Public Relation (PR)

These two terms are very much familiar to somebody who is in the business world. They form the basic in most organization and these are terms that can’t miss in the environment around us. These two are mostly used to increase the productivity of a firm in one way or the other, Human Resources (HR) has the overall responsibility of overseeing the employee’s welfare in an organization whereas the Public Relation (PR) work hand in hand in ensuring that the corporate strategies to the outside world and the surrounding are in good state for better business and social relationship with the immediate surrounding and the world at large. For the purpose of clarity we will tackle each and every part in such a way that you will be able to distinguish the two terms with a better understanding of each other.

Human Resources

Just like any other resource for the better running of an organization the human resource is treated the same way. It is looked and taken in such away to increase the overall revenue of an organization. This is also recognized has man management to bring about effective benefits from the firm’s employees and this is done through looking upon the factors that affect the human labor as an effective source of income to a firm. Provision of better working environment motivates the workers and in return the profits accrued from the peaceful employees increases. Therefore the better the human resource is by ensuring excellent working conditions to workers the high the returns that are got from the employees to the organization.

Public Relation

Good image of the firm in the outside world e.g. medias and the press boosts the returns of a company by a great margin. It is the responsibility of the Public Relation Officer to ensure that there is good relationship between the company and the outside world. All these boost the overall image to the surrounding people. Good business relationship with other partnering firms and individuals should be maintained for faster growth of a company and increased returns. Advertisements and other various ways of communicating with the surrounding world is real very important in portraying the good image of any company which forms the base of development for any firm.


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