Hungry Jack’s vs. Burger King

Difference between Hungry Jack’s and Burger King These are food chains that are well known by most people…

Difference between Hungry Jack’s and Burger King

These are food chains that are well known by most people in the whole world. One somebody is going for a burger, he/she is tasked with the job of decision making on which burger to buy, both of the two firms that are producing the burgers offer the best out of their time and expertise, making them all being inseparable in  terms of choosing. Hungry Jack’s and Burger King produce burgers that are almost the same in the market. Well you can accredit Burgers and accompaniments, because they are seen as the masterminds of the present Hungry Jack’s and the Burger King.

Hungry Jack’s

This one belongs to the Australian Burger King franchise of the Jack Cowin. As this corporation was growing in Australia, an alternative food store in Adelaide had already adopted the name Burger King.  Then this led to the board of directors from Burger king to give an option to Cowin to select any name that he would like from their already registered trademarks by the Burger King Corporation. This led to the formulation of a very popular slogan that goes by: “The burgers are better at Hungry Jack’s”.  Even though that Hungry Jack’s is part of the Burger King, Hungry Jack’s sell only 2 of its products under this franchise; these two products are Whopper and the TenderCrisp sandwiches. Most Hungry Jack’s restaurants that are operating in the world play Hungry Jack’s 1950 themes which have jukebox with memorabilia images of the ancient times of Hungry Jack’s. The seats that they use much resemble those that were used in the 1950’s. This shows that Hungry Jack’s have revised and adopted their past, especially the era of the 50’s.

Burger King

This one originated in Jacksonville, Florida, in the year 1953. In its time of origin it was used to be known as Insta-Burger King. They corporation enjoys a total of 12,200 outlets all over the world with the majority situated in the United States. US alone have almost 66% of the total outlets. The corporation enjoys the majority share of ownership of these outlets they form the 90% of the total outlets in the whole world. The history of the company reads like any other company that starts from zero to something. They started with the selling of fries, soda and milkshakes year back 1954. With an extra income from these small ventures, it enabled them to expend their business to delivery of fish, chicken, salad and even breakfast menu. In the year 1957 they made a very excellent break through by adding whopper into their menu and subsequently made it their trademark product.

Burger King has made it most countries in the US and the outside world. Due to the franchisees that they were in, Burger King encountered many ups and downs on its cause of sell. In their attempt legal involvement in Hungry Jack’s, they were sued for the breach of contract of their franchise. Hungry Jack’s is very much known in Australia and the Burger King takes its grounds in the United States.


  1. Both are very much known thanks to their Whopper burgers.
  2. Hungry Jack’s forms the 2nd largest franchisee of Burger king.
  3. Burger king is based in the US whereas Hungry Jack’s is a franchisee from Australia.
  4. Hungry Jack’s’ 300 location are in most cases found in Australian states whereas the Burger King’s locations are all over the word except in Australia.
  5. Burger King has been in existence since the year 1953 whereas Hungry Burger started operating in the year 1971, and also operated as a franchise of Burger King Corporation.
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