IAS vs. IPS – Why IAS and IPS are Two Special Careers in India

In India, there are two careers that boys and girls aspire to because they are highly regarded in…

In India, there are two careers that boys and girls aspire to because they are highly regarded in the culture of the country. They have the acronyms of IAS and IPS. IAS refers to Indian Administrative Services and IPS refers to Indian Police Service. In order to work in one of the government departments in this country, you have to take an exam administered by the Union Public Service Commission. The two most notable exams administered by this body are those for the IAS and the IPS.

About the IAS

Getting a job with the IAS is a status symbol in India and those who are in such a position are respected and admired by everyone. This is because in this job you carry a lot of influence and have a great deal of responsibility within government departments. It could be called a dream job because it is one that is coveted by almost everyone. It is limited to only 150 recruits a year, which means there is fierce competition for these places because there are so many who are looking to have what is seen as the most rewarding job a person can have.

Even though a job with the IAS does not have the same level of high pay as other sectors of the economy, it is the prestige that is associated with such a job that is the main drawing card. Young people regard it as being a glamorous career because they see it as a chance to do something good for their country. This job is a very challenging one and this is the reason why those who work in this career are held in such high regard.

A student who has graduated from high school can apply to write this exam, which consists of three parts – a preliminary exam, the main exam and the interview. They have to pass all three parts in order to be considered as one of the 150 recruits.

About the IPS

Being a police officer in India is not considered to have the same high status as does the IAS, but it is still a job that many people want to have. A person who obtains an IPS position starts out with the rank of Superintendant of Police and this is a position of high rank. Although it is an IAS position it is more challenging because of the nature of the work. A person in this job is responsible for the maintenance of law and order and can be posted in any part of the country.

The IAS vs. the IPS

The mark a student achieves on the exam determines whether he/she is better suited for the IAS or the IPS. Those who attain the highest marks are given the opportunity to join the IAS, but many choose to join the police force because it is a very influential job to have. Since 1993, a career in the police force has gradually become more popular because the police have had such a strong influence in the changes that have taken place in the government of the country. They have also played a significant role in fighting terrorism and Naxal activities.

The main difference between the IAS and the IPS is evident in the duties that are part of the positions. A person in the IAS deal with issues related to government departments and the setup of the administration. A person in the IPS makes sure the rules and regulations set down by the government are followed by the people.

Some of the posts held by those in the IAS include Cabinet Secretary, Joint Secretary and Under Secretary. In the IPS, some of the posts one can hold include Superintendant of Police, Inspector General and Deputy Inspector General.

  1. IAS – Indian Administrative; Posts – Cabinet Secretary, Under Secretary, Joint Secretary
  2. IPS – Indian Police Service; Posts – Superintendant of Police, Deputy Inspector General, Inspector General
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