Ideal vs. Real

Difference between Ideal and Real Well these two states need to be differentiated to avoid extra misuse of…

Difference between Ideal and Real

Well these two states need to be differentiated to avoid extra misuse of these two terms. In essence when somebody uses ideal, it is meant to mean that the something is suitable or a given function. On the other hand real is used to mean that something is undeviating.

From the physics point of view, real substance is any substance that cannot be destroyed, factual, in existence and invincible. This term refers to a Superlative Entity that is known as the Absolute.

Taking Ideal on the other hand is just simply taken to be a word that ordinary sense of anything that is apposite. Let us take a lively example to break down the different meanings of these words.

  1. The climate is ideal for growing of carrots.
  2. This is the ideal chemical for killing pests.

In the sentences above the word ideal is used to display ‘favorable’. In our first case it is used to show that the climate is suitable for the growing of carrots, whereas in our second example it is used to show that the chemical that is being talked of is the one that is suitable than any other for killing pests.

In most cases the word ‘ideal’ is used as an adjective in the English context. In our previous examples the word has been used the same way.  Real is use based on authentic meaning, it shows how valid something is.

Real is used to display the originality of something. In contrary to other things something that is described to be real means that it is very much concrete and is the best and original of all. In our example below, notice how the word real displays the Lion to be the real animal. It contrasts with the other wild animals and depicts clearly that the Lion is the most original or the king of all animals.

  1. The lion is the real wild animal.

This word gives an additional idea about the lion to be the real animal over all the other animals.

In essence, ‘ideal’ is used to mean something that is suitable for a specific functions or job, whereas ‘real’ shows how original something is. These clearly bring out the main distinction between these two adjectives.

In some case the word ‘ideal’ is used with some adverbial meaning, this happens in the case where the word ‘ideally’ is used in a sentence. In due further moderation we can make nouns from these words, these are ‘reality’ and ‘ideality’. Real can also be used as an adverb of the form ‘really’ which in most cases is taken to bring the sense of how true something is.


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