Difference between Indian Higher Education Institutes IIT and IIM The fact that both IIT and IIM are both…

Difference between Indian Higher Education Institutes IIT and IIM

The fact that both IIT and IIM are both centers of excellence in higher education in India gives them the one and only similarity between them. IIT means or Indian Institutes of Technology and while IIM means Indian Institutes of Management. Due to the intense competition in India labor market, the need for a degree from a reputable institution of utmost importance. Such scan is acquired either at IIT or IIM. What then are the differences between these two?


Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and is the number one choice of institution for engineering courses. It was established by the government to help impart knowledge to students in the field of engineering to in a view to fuel the social and economic development of the country. There are more than 15 IIT’s in different parts of the country operating autonomously but have a joint examination body that selects students go join the various streams of engineering. A full course lasts 4 years with a year being two semesters long.


Indian Institute of Management (IIM) concentrates its efforts in training competent managers. After the course one gets a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree. There are currently 7 IIM’s in the country apart from other non-IIM institutions that offer the same degree program but which is not as prestigious as that from any IIM. To be admitted, a student should pass a Common Entrance Test (CET). The degree program lasts two years.


  • They are both centers of excellence in higher education.
  • IIT focuses on engineering while IIM gives the MBA degree program.
  • One can go to IIT after they complete 10+2, while one is only admitted to IIM upon graduation.


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