Imagination vs Creativity – Drawing the Line between Imagination and Creativity

Imagination and creativity are two words that are often used interchangeably and debated to have exactly the same…

Imagination and creativity are two words that are often used interchangeably and debated to have exactly the same meaning. However, if one sits down and thinks about it, being imaginative is totally different from being creative. While it is true that everything starts with what the mind conceives, the main difference lies on how the body will achieve a certain concept. Imagining a concept or an idea generally inspires creativity. But imagination without action is entirely a different matter altogether. Another point to consider is that one can be creative without the need to imagine or conjure a concept. Creativity may also be inspired by external factors or stimuli.



Imagination can take us to anywhere we would like to be. We can spend the whole day imagining all sorts of things or activities. However, creativity comes to place when we are able to think of concrete steps or actions to transform our imaginations into reality. For instance, we may imagine ourselves being crazily in love with someone; creativity comes in when we think of concrete action plans leading to how we will be able to find the perfect person to spend the rest of our lives with. A creative idea may be born out of an imagined concept, but when the process stops at imagination, reality is not taken into consideration and the concept remains a visualized idea in our head.


Translation into Reality

We may be creative while we are imagining things. We may think of a field with lovely flowers that are constantly in bloom all throughout the year. We may imagine ourselves being the first man to visit a planet beyond the Solar System. However, real creativity is about being able to make something new or modified out of something that already exists. Imagination and creativity go hand in hand. Imagination may be limited by our inability to be creative, and our imagination stays as conjured up images and ideas if we do not act on them and transform them into things that other people can perceive.


Mind Power

Our mind is a very powerful tool. It has the ability to take us into things that are almost impossible to achieve. Creativity enhances our imagination. At the same time, creativity acts as a stimulus for our mind to think of ways on how to actively transform the things we imagine into something that is tangible to other people. Creative minds throughout history have let to new ideas and great innovations and advancements. Thus, when imagination and creativity is used side by side, achievements are definitely within arms’ reach.


Imagination and creativity has led to a lot of wonderful things – beautiful songs to listen to, remarkable novels to read, award-winning movies and great inventions. Understanding the difference between imagination and creativity is the first step towards being able to optimize the mind’s potential to make things that would benefit oneself and other people in the process. Without understanding the difference between imagination and creativity, one may be stuck up in limbo constantly imagining things without taking any actions to turn these concepts into reality.

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