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Difference between ‘in’ and ‘at’ These two terms are encountered mostly in English grammar usage. They are both…

Difference between ‘in’ and ‘at’

These two terms are encountered mostly in English grammar usage. They are both used to convey the location of an object. They both belong to the same subdivision in English, the prepositions. Their usage is entirely to describe nouns.

We further comprehend the fact that these two words “in and “at” are use to give the location of a noun. Let us take these two sentences to illustrate the usage of these two words, ‘in the room’ and ‘at the river’. It is true that these two words communicates something location, room and river in that order.

The preposition ‘in’ conveys the location of a person at a particular period, “she was in the river when I was leaving” this shows clearly that the she was in a location known as river when I was leaving. It gives an idea where the person was when I at that particular period of time.

On the other hand ‘at’ is used to show the propinquity of something to a certain location. For instance if we say use the sentence “the hen was at the door”. ‘At’ communicates clearly the proximity of the hen to the door.

In essence ‘in’ brings about the idea of the object being within a certain boundary whereas ‘at’ does not portray this idea. In and at totally conveys very distinctive message when used in English, even though they both describe the noun.

An example to shows this clearly is “Techno originated in Illinois” and “the school is at the road”. In here in pour case shows clearly that techno music originated from within the state of Illinois whereas at in our second sentence conveys the message of how the school is near or in essence the proximity of the school the road.

Both of these prepositions conveys different message when used differently but the essence behind both these two words is that they are both used to describe the location of an object or noun in relation to something.


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