In vs. On

Difference Between In and On Prepositions are a part of speech that makes the most proficient writers really…

Difference Between In and On

Prepositions are a part of speech that makes the most proficient writers really scratchy while they are using them. The two prepositions IN and ON are very confusing.

Generally both these are correct when used in one’s place. Their use depends on the desired meaning.

Some of the most common rules of using these two are:

When we indicate a position in closed space then in is used. IN indicated that something is inside someplace. E.g-

– The fish is in the tank.

– The man in the house.

– The file is in the disk.


On is used to indicate something that is situated on the surface or above an area. E.g

– The rock is on the bench.

– I sat on the chair.

– Ron had a band on his arm.

In is used to indicate a moment within a specific time span. It is related to day, months, years etc. e.g.

– He drinks tea in the morning.

– There were a lot of fanatic activities that took place in 2001.

‘On’ can be used with dates and days as well as in special portion of the day and even in case of special holidays. ‘On’ is also used where no restriction is applied in anything. E.g.

-See you on Wednesday!

– He will resign on August 23.

– It happened on the morning of June 14.

‘On’ is also associated with names old streets and ‘IN’ is used with names of countries, towns, cities etc.

– I’m on Park Street, meet me here Laura.

– Tango is big in Rio.

– There are many famous personalities in California!

However the best way to learn their use is through experience.



1. IN is used to indicate something that is restricted unlike IN that does not signify anything enclosed.

2. IN indicates a location that is inside something while on indicates something that is above or near something.


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