Incident vs. Event

Difference Between Incident and Event Both ‘incident’ and ‘event’ are confusing words for some people. Both should be…

Difference Between Incident and Event

Both ‘incident’ and ‘event’ are confusing words for some people. Both should be used properly as there is much difference between the two. ‘Incident’ is an unexpected happening that occurs with a person. On the other hand an event is expected. Incident is not planned and people are not prepared for it beforehand. On the other hand an event is planned and people make special preparation for an event. It is organized with a special intention while there is no intention behind an incident.

Event may refer to a ‘probability’ or a ‘possibility’. Look at the sentence to understand better:

In the event of coming late, you will be fined.

This means ‘if there is a possibility of coming late’.

See the following sentences:

The event was to take place at 4 pm

A huge crowd saw the grand event.

In the above sentence the word ‘event’ is a planned and intentional happening. In the first sentence a ceremony or something like that took place at 4 pm. In the second sentence a huge crowed saw a program in a ground or an auditorium etc.

To understand the meaning of ‘incident’ look the following sentences:

The incident made the people think.

He saw the incident closely.

In the above sentence, ‘incident’ gives a sense of happening by chance or unexpected. Both the words ‘incident’ and ‘event’ are nouns. Both can be made adverbs such as ‘incidentally’ and ‘eventually’. There is an adjectival form of the word ‘event’- ‘eventful’. Both the words may stand in plural form such as ‘incidents’ and ‘events.’ Thus there are many similarity and dissimilarity between the two words. One should use them carefully. They appear to be the same to some people. However there is a lot of difference between them.


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