India vs. Sri Lanka Cricket Team 2011

Difference Between India vs. Sri Lanka Cricket Team 2011 The roads and experiences that brought these two teams…

Difference Between India vs. Sri Lanka Cricket Team 2011

The roads and experiences that brought these two teams to the cricket final have been very different. Sri Lanka got to the final after winning all their group qualifying matches while India’s victory has been tainted by mishaps such as the controversial tie with   England and loss they suffered to South Africa in the group stages. Sri Lanka was a clear favorite due to their efficiency and determination that saw them defeat all their challengers towards a second successive World Cup final. The rivalry of these two neighboring teams has gone down to decades. What then were the strengths that each brought to the final that took place on the 2nd of April 2011?

Old nemesis

Sri Lanka has always have had an advantage over their in all the cricket world cups. They have always beaten India in all the world cup matches from the date of the first World Cup in 1975.  This excludes the 1999 world cup when Sri Lanka was beaten by India in the World Cup due to the turbulence that ricked their country during the reign Sourav Ganguly when the country was experiencing brutal attacks from the supporters of the president.

The world cup held in the Caribbean saw loosing bitterly to both Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. What are the two team’s strengths and weaknesses that were a major determinant in his country’s losses and wins over each other over the years and played a major role in determining this year’s final held at the Wankhede stadium, Mumbai.

On a swan song

The years following the then coach of India, Grieg Chappell handing over leadership to Gary Kirsten has seen the national team continuously do well in matches both at home and away. With M.S. Dhoni as captain, the team has beaten all other cricket teams in the country and in international friendly matches and those organized by ODI. The team is now ranked as the best Indian cricket Team ever and s ranked second by ODI.

Sri Lanka’s impressive record

The team has always been a favorite in all world cups and is also one of the longest playing team in the history of cricket world cup.  The 1996 trophy gave the team the confidence to challenge any cricket team in the world. The reign of Kumara Sangakkara as the wicketkeeper captain has saw the team grow in strength in the last 3 years after  Mahela Jayawerdhene left office. He is one of the best payers to serve as captains of a cricket team. He has brought order in the team by leading from the forefront and solidity to the middle order. He has scored in all matches that were held in all parts of the world.

India’s streangth

Both Sehwag and Sachin have the talent and capacity to torment bowling attacks. Sehwag can was a variable asset to the tea during the match. Sachin on the other hand has been the backbone of Team giving the much required confidence to the team being the team most prized wicket. The middle order is powerful comprising of comprising dashing Gambhir, elegant Viraat Kohli and seasoned Yuvraj Singh, along with Dhoni and Raina chipping

Zaheer Khan is a powerful bowler. He is supported by the wily Harbhajan in this role. The team also relies heavily on Yuvraj Singh, who had scalped 12 wickets in the matches leading to the final.

Although Zaheeer is a good bowler, he has no other fast bowler t support him. Also Harbhajan is a good miserly but cant take wickets.

Sri Lanka’s strengths

  • Its opening pair, Dilshan and Upul Tharanga is really strong.
  • Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawerdene are the best middle order batsmen for the solidality at the middle.
  • Sri Lankan bowling is strong with the likes of fox Murali


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