Indian Higher Education Institutes IIT vs. IIM

Difference Between Indian Higher Education Institutes IIT and IIM IIM and IIT are regarded as the two most…

Difference Between Indian Higher Education Institutes IIT and IIM

IIM and IIT are regarded as the two most efficient centers as regards the excellence in concern as regards the higher education in India. It’s the only similarity between IIT -Indian Institutes of Technology and IIM -Indian Institutes of Administration, if there is a little similarity at all. In a country like India with a population of over one billion, it is extremely important to get a professional degree from a reputed institute to guarantee a better future. People consider both IIT and IIM as institutes of national importance and a degree of either is sufficient to guarantee a successful career. But there are steep differences between IIT and IIM are listed below.


ITI represents the Indian Institute of Technology and is a dream of every student who wants to pursue a career in engineering and technology. The IIT’S was established by the government with the intent to transmit quality education in the engineering field to prepare a skillful workforce to make a significant contribution in the field of social and economic development of countries. At present there are 15 IIT’s in different places in the country and each one of them are autonomous institutions and after the 12th exams, all of them hold for the purpose of selecting students for various streams of engineering. The selected students pursuing a course of 4 years divided into 8 semesters and become accredited engineers after they pass the exams.


IIM is the Indian Institute of Management and it aims at giving high quality of education in the field of management to prepare managers that are of world-class quality, are industry ready and can take up all business challenges. The IIM’s provide the MBA degree which is known as the Masters in Business Administration. Now there are seven IIMs in the country. Although there are many more institutions producing the MBA’S in the country, we consider that a degree of any of the IIM’S is a guarantee for a successful career and that it is satisfactory. A student must achieve a Common Entrance Test, known as the CAT for admission into the different IIM’S. The duration of an MBA course is 2 years and it can be taken after the graduation.





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