Indian Ringneck vs Alexandrine

Difference Between Indian Ringneck and Alexandrine Bird enthusiasts can’t help but fall in love with two of the…

Difference Between Indian Ringneck and Alexandrine

Bird enthusiasts can’t help but fall in love with two of the most excellent and intelligent species of parrots: the Indian Ringneck and Alexandrine. The two aforementioned birds both make great pets and are known to be talkers with a vocabulary of almost 200 words! They are active, energetic, smart, and are often confused with each other because of certain similar characteristics. To assist bird lovers and enthusiasts on picking their bird of choice correctly, here is some information on the differences of each bird.

Indian Ringneck

True to its namesake, this lovable little parrot is a native of India although it may also be found in some parts of Africa. It is also known as the Rose Ringed Parakeet and its small size has earned it the classification of parakeet by experts and boasts of the following characteristics:

  1. Its dominating colour is green, thus making it hard to spot when perched atop green foliage in trees.
  2. The bird possesses a red hooked beak, long tail, large feathers, and coloured ring around the neck which is usually found amongst the males.
  3. The ring around the male’s neck is dark in colour with shades of pink and turquoise.
  4. Farmers find these birds to be pests since they may damage standing crops. However, they have the ability to mimic the human language and can speak words with great clarity. For those who want to show their pets off, it’s interesting to know that Indian Ringnecks love to show off and are often said to be good bird companions.


Named after Alexander the Great, this parakeet was taken from its native Punjab and into European and Mediterranean nations. Alexandrine is also known in Latin as Eupatria which means “of noble ancestry” It is often mistaken as an Indian Ringneck but is actually different on the following counts:

  1. This species is also called eupatria in Latin which means of noble ancestry.
  2. Alexandrine is bigger than the Indian Ringneck
  3. It is also green in colour but the bid has a blue gray sheen on its nape and cheeks.
  4. Alexandrine sports a yellow green abdomen, the Indian Ringneck has none.
  5. Alexandrine also has a characteristic maroon patch which is absent in an Indian Ringneck.
  6. Because of its larger size and energetic/nature, Alexandrines will require bigger bird cages.
  7. Alexandrines are more talkative than Indian Ringnecks.


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