Indiana Jones vs. Lara Croft

People can never get enough of the adventures of life as depicted in films. Perhaps it is because…

People can never get enough of the adventures of life as depicted in films. Perhaps it is because of the rush of excitement from every move of the hero or perhaps it is because of their envy or desire of such escapades. Whatever it is, there are two characters that surely top their list when it comes to this genre—Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. Today, we will examine their origins, unpredictable nature, most famous characteristics and practically everything that started their huge number of supporters. Who will be victorious for the title of the best action entertainment adventurer? Will femme fatale take it home or will the classic still prevail?


How Everything Started

We should have seen it coming. A teacher by day and an archeologist on his spare time, Indiana Jones was bound to explore the world of the ancients. As for Lara Croft, it might be stated otherwise. Probably a secret to her character’s success is the unconventional combination of rich and beauty woman meets knack for constantly combating with East India Trading Company. From this alone, you can quickly see that it one is uprooted from expertise on culture while the other on wielding weaponries though both are known to be brainy and brawny.


As Their Story Continues

As previously stated, they have their corner in the battle. Indiana Jones has his wit to get him safely through traps and riddles of the past while Lara Croft can be quite the one to watch out with both hand to hand and weapon battles. Therefore, Indiana has the advantage when it comes to background while Croft has her impulsive nature which surprisingly works.


Their Backbone

Being archeologists or those who study prehistoric events and search for artifacts, Indiana Jones and Lara Croft have a different approach. While the former takes on the matter with pure experience and focuses on the archeological aspect, the latter tackles it in a way that will most appeal to viewers as it is fresh and rather interesting. On top of that, it does not hurt blockbuster rakings if Angelina Jolie plays the character of Lara Croft.


Down To The Last Round

Unfortunately, we will have to go with Lara Croft. Before you raise your eyebrows on this verdict, just look at how much it has accelerated over the short while it has been released. To be honest, people do love to witness strong, ferocious men being beat up single handedly by a girl. That being said, Indiana Jones will forever remain as a pillar of such a loved genre of films.

  • Indiana Jones knows the “technicality” of the situation but, as they say it, Lara Croft knows how to make what they do look good.
  • Indiana Jones has the advantage of being well-seasoned in their field but Lara Croft’s novice status makes the take on the story a whole lot interesting.
  • Indiana Jones has the image of the authoritative figure in action and adventure while Lara Croft simply wins the audience over with her young and sassy attitude and without even effort.
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