Indica vs. Sativa

Difference Between Indica and Sativa Our world is full of Flora and Fauna of all kinds. The flora…

Difference Between Indica and Sativa

Our world is full of Flora and Fauna of all kinds. The flora that are present are beautiful, and along with that they have several medicinal as well as commercial values. There are several such plants that yield substances that are intoxicating and cause hallucinations on intake by humans, and banned from consumption (illicit substances). Marijuana is one such substance, and the plants that give the maximum yield of it are Sativa & Indica. In spite of the fact that these two plants yield the same substance, the effect after consumption, the individual, is totally different. Where Sativa consumption results in a state of subtle euphoria, while that of Indica results in a state where it is very difficult for an individual to differentiate between reality and hallucinations.

Marijuana, scientifically falling under the category of HALLUCINOGENS, is a substance, that causes an alteration in the steady state of the consumer, as a result of which, the consumer finds himself in a state of trance, which is in absolute contrast with the real world. The consumer starts having a strange felling of being numb and as a result he loses his body balance, proper speech, Hyper hormonal activity etc. However, Marijuana is also used as a drug for the treatment of several diseases.


Sativa is a tall bushy plat, of 8-10 feet height, that yields Marijuana, has a very pleasant, sweet smell and has green leaves possessing pigmentation. It finds its medical use as a pain killer and also as a medicine that creates minute hallucination in the patient and also creates a sense of optimism in him


Indica, on the other hand is a short bush like plant, having pungent smell and which is dark green or purple in colour. It is employed in the medical line as a reliever of stress, given to the patient for the purpose of attaining a peaceful state of mind. It is a very useful drugs for the people who suffer from Insomnia or Sleeplessness

The difference between Indica and Sativa lies in their effects on the consumer, their appearances and their place of occurrence. On one hand, where Sativa consumption gives a person a mild sense or Euphoria, while still being connected to the real world and its ordeals, Marijuana takes the consumer to a state of hallucination, where the mind of the person cuts all its contacts with the real world. In this state, the individual lives in its own world of illusion, where he loses his control over his body, speech and his mind. Indica is a small bush like plant whereas Sativa is far more tall and pleasant smelling that Indica. Sativa plants are found to be abundant near the equator, while Indic plants grow more frequently near the Central Asian region.


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